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Welcome to Oak Class 2021 - 2022

SPRING TERM 2022 - The Blue Planet



Welcome to 2022 - all the staff in Oak Class hope that you all had a great Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year! We are all excited about the New Year and are hoping to visit the Bristol Aquarium at Bristol as part of our new topic.


A topic plan has been e-mailed home, but in case you have not yet received it, our topic this term is entitled, The Blue Planet. Following on from the COP26 conference in 2021 and because of the huge importance of addressing issues around Climate Change, we have teach and learn about this topic.


Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have during the year and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Mr Goddard

Oak Class Teacher

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The Blue Planet

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The Blue Planet Collection | Part 1 | BBC Earth

Be reacquainted with the beautiful inhabitants of the deep blue sea in this look back through the Blue Planet archive.Subscribe: #B...

The Blue Planet Collection | Part 2 | BBC Earth

Be reacquainted with the beautiful inhabitants of the deep blue sea in this look back through the Blue Planet archive.Subscribe to BBC Earth:

AUTUMN TERM 2021 - Mesolithic Stone Age

Year 6 Residential visit to Oaker Wood - June 2021


All of the Year 6 children who visited Oaker Wood earlier in June were a credit to themselves and did us proud! Besides looking after their pods carefully during their three day stay and lending a hand to Mr Goddard, Miss James and Mrs Wilmshurst-Smith at mealtimes, all of the children tackled the challenges with guts and determination as well as with huge smiles on their faces. A great time was had by everyone and we're so grateful that the trip was able to be organised in the first place. Well done to all involved and parents, we hope that you enjoy the attached slideshow.

1st half of the Summer Term - Creative Expression Project - ELECTRICITY

Just before half-term, children in Oak Class had the chance to show off what they had learnt in Science lessons on the topic of electricity. Everybody was given a range of electrical components from which they had to design, build and test a new toy for an imaginary summer fair. Everyone had an electrifying time and here are the final pictures for you to look at. We hope you enjoy them!  

Summer Term 2021 - Creative Expression Project - The Tudors


This term, children in Oak Class will be spending the whole term immersing themselves in one of the richest periods in British History - The Tudors. During the first half of term, we will focus on History and Art and during the second half our attention will turn to Geography and Art. We will try to discover the lasting impact on British society that this fascinating period in our history has on the way we live now in 2021.


Have a look at the topic web below to see in more detail what we will be covering... 

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Plots and playwrights, executions and explorers, monarchs and musicians....there's no denying that the Tudor topic is one of the most exciting periods in British history to study. We've picked out some of our favourite texts suitable for primary school children to help explore the Tudor topic. Look out for stories featuring merry monarchs like Elizabeth I and Henry VIII, for galleons and gallows and also for tales containing no end of perils including plots to the throne, sneaky spies and deadly executions, in our selection of top children's books about the Tudors....

Spring Term 2021 Creative Expression Project - POLAR EXPLORATION


Art, Geography and Science Focus


Please feel free to have a look at Creative Expression Projects that children in Year 6 did at the end of last term following the work that they completed, by and large remotely, during the last lockdown. Hopefully it will give you a good idea of the how much they learned about life cycle ot Emperor Penguins as well as the key geographical ideas of longitude and latitude and composition in landscape sketching. 


Scroll through the slideshow to have a look at a few examples of the great work that went on in Oak Class. Well done everyone!