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We recognise the importance of maths to everyday life and how it connects to many other schools subjects; we also acknowledge that the successful teaching and acquisition of key maths skills as outlined in the National Curriculum 2014 – fluency, reasoning and problem-solving – are critical to the future careers and jobs of all of our pupils. Determined to foster and develop a real love of the subject and a thirst for knowledge in all children, we are driven by the following key values:

  • Self-confidence - developing and building up children’s confidence so that they believe in themselves and their ability to do maths
  • Resilience – to be quietly determined when tackling challenging work and to be able to bounce back quickly from defeats and failures
  • Ambition – to be ambitious when thinking of what they can achieve in the subject and have high aspirations for their future.

Key Maths Curriculum Documents

EYFS Curriculum Progression Documents

Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check

Year 6 Maths SATS


Every May, children in Year 6 take part in Standard Assessment Tests known as SATS. They are administered during the month of May although the specific dates change from year to year. The tests comprise three tests which are:


X1 30 minute arithmetic paper

x2 40 minute reasoning papers


There is some guidance from the Department for Education below as well as past paper. Please see Mr Goddard if you have any questions.

Recommended Maths Books to Read

If you love maths, then why not check out some of the books recommended in the slideshow? If you know of some some great stories that involve maths whether they are fiction or non-fiction, then speak to Mr Goddard.

Maths around us...

Useful Maths Websites for Children

Think of a Number - 24th October 1984 - BBC Television

Johnny Ball, father to the famous Zoe Ball, used to make great programmes all about maths. Check it out and who knows if you like it, you may want to watch more... The episode starts after 4 minutes and 5 seconds.